Green Lake Moms was founded as a community resource in Seattle to provide a place for local moms to share information and support one another.   These days, the group has more than 3000 members.  I feel it is so necessary to help create community and connection for moms, especially new moms.   It can be very isolating when you have a baby at home. I cannot tell you what amazing resources and support I have received from the women in the group.

The creation of the group was meant to organize families in the Green Lake area in order to help them connect with one another.   The goal was to make Green Lake feel like a small community by reaching out to friends and then friends of friends.   Through our amazing e-mail network of members, we help support  each other as both parents and neighbors.   If you are a parent who wants to be included please contact our new fabulous moderator Erika at  (You must live within 2 miles of the Green Lake Community Center to be eligible for membership.)


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Green Lake Moms is excited to start bringing all the local moms great deals on the best stuff to eat, do and buy in the Green Lake area and surrounding neighborhoods. Sign-up for our e-mail list and check back often.  We are passionate about supporting local businesses!   


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